MBR Process

  • Membrane Bio-reactor (biological processing + separation membrane filtration process)
  • roduction of clean processing water with suction filtration method by immersing and installing a membrane inside aeration tank without installing precipitation tank
  • Hybrid process that combines advantages of biological processing and physical processing
  • Advanced biological processing: Perfect SS, removal of organic matters, nitrogen and phosphorous
Can show 100% removal of suspended solids
Can maintain microorganism concentration(5,000ppm~10,000 mg/L)
Perfect treatment of organic matters, nitrogen and phosphorous
Unrelated to precipitation of sludge
No burden of bulking phenomenon
Can achieve compact process
No need for precipitation tank
Reduced capacity of aeration tank and shortened retention time
Ease of securing nitrifying microorganism
Reduced amount of excess sludge
Sludge cost reduced by 40%

EX) Fish Processing Plant . Fish Meal Plant . Domestic Sewage . Livestock . Etc..