A2O Process

  • Consists of A2O (Anaerobic/Anoxic/Oxic)
  • Anoxic tank is required for denitrification, anaerobic tank for emission of phosphorous, and oxic tank for nitrification, absorption of phosphorous and dissolution of organic maters.
  • Denitrification reaction involves return of aerobic mixture from the end of the nitrification stage to the anoxic stage.
  • Advanced biological processing: Perfect SS, removal of organic matters, nitrogen and phosphorous
Large scale
Economic advantage over other facilities when quantity is increased
Maintenance cost
Low cost of operation
Verified method
Widely spread method that ensures safety
Fertilization of excess sludge
High phosphorous content in sludge (3~5%)

EX) General Sewage . Fish Processing Plant . Fish Meal Plant . Etc..