DAF-units are intended for removal of hydrophobic contaminations such as lipoids, petrochemicals, suspended and surface-active materials from wastewater. They are recommended for installation in the pulp-and-paper, food and oil-refining industry enterprises.

DAF-units as part of a physicochemical treatment complex are used in the treatment facilities for preliminary treatment and for complete wastewater treatment. DAF – units can be used for separation and thickening of sludge compounds. DAF – units are intended for use in wastewater with pH=6.5÷8.5.

DAF-units are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316) of different dimension types with capacity from 5 up to 100m3/h. They feature a tank of original shape and provide the most effective water movement inside DAF-unit. Formation of float complexes and their removal into surface in the form of foam is happened inside the floatation chamber. The scraper mechanism for flotation sludge removal and shoot for its drain are installed in the tank top. The connecting pipes are provided for sludge removal at the bottom of the flotation installation chambers. Also, the recirculating pump and equipment for reagent preparation come with the plant.
Wastewater is directed to the chamber of DAF-unit and at the same time the working air-water mixture is fed into the chamber. The point of this method is effervescence from oversaturated solution at pressure fall. The gassing in the form of micro bubbles is created directly on the contamination particles and form strong float complexes. Then emersion of float complexes happens and buildup on the liquid surface of a bubble layer comprising extracted matters. About 30% of treated wastewater from this chamber is taken for preparation of working air-water mixture. Air saturation of water is made in the recirculating pump. The foam layer is removed by scraper mechanism and drained by shoot into a storage container for the floating slime. The process of float complexes formation can be intensified by using of different reagents (coagulants, flocculants) promoting flotation process activation.
Ready-fitted product
Parameters At reagent wastewater treatment (%)
Suspended solids 85-95
Fat and greases Up to 98
BOD5 Up to 65
Unit operation including reagent equipment is fully automated. System of normal operation indication and emergency situations are provided.

By the customer's demand there is a possibility of equipment status data transfer to automated process control system of the higher level.
  • Ready-fitted product.
  • Spare parts, tools and accessories.
  • Certificate.
  • Operation manual.
  • Certificates and operation manuals for accessory.
  • Control system cabinet with operation manual.